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Using the SpeedGrader

You can use the SpeedGrader to quickly mark student assignment submissions.

You may want to consider asking students to stick to certain fonts if submitting Word format file submissions in Quercus, as indictated in the link below.
Files and fonts that can be viewed in SpeedGrader

When students submit Word format file submissions in Quercus that contains fonts not listed in the link above, the SpeedGrader DocViewer will resize the text, causing it to not be visible.

If you would like students to submit assignments using other fonts than indicated in the link above then it may be a better idea to ask students to create and submit a PDF file for their assignemnt submission.

Instructions for using SpeedGrader to mark assignments:

  1. Go to Assignments and click on the name of the assignment you would like to grade. Click on SpeedGrader.  Alternatively, go to Grades and click in the cell of the first assignment. Click on the arrow that appears to the right and select SpeedGrader.
  2. Annotate the student's submission file.  You will have the option to select text using the Selection tool. Other options to annotate include:  Highlight, Point Annotation, Freetext, Strikethrough, Free draw annotation, and Area annotation.
  3. Once you have completed annotating the submission, provide a grade and add comments.
  4. Click on the Submit button.

You can download a copy of the annotated paper for your records.


1. Gradebook: Return to the Gradebook
    Settings: Access to "Options", "Keyboard Shortcuts", and "Help"
    Assignment name: when selected takes you to the Assignment page
    Due Date: shows the due date for an assignment, if one has been assigned
    Course Name: when selected takes you to the course Home page

2. Current assignment total assignments
    Average grade: shows the current average grade for the current assignment
    Student name: when selected shows a list of students with links to their submissions for the current assignment
    Arrows: previous and next arrows take you to the previous and next student submissions

3. Download annotated file: allows you to download the assignment submission with the annotations
    Current page of total pages
    Page arrows:
Shows the previous and next page arrows
    Rotate Page Clockwise by 90 Degrees
    Zoom Out and Zoom In
    Enter Full Screen

4. Annotation tools: Selection, Point annotation, Highlight annotation, Freetext annotation, Strikeout annotation, Free draw annotation, Area annotation

5. DocViewer: Shows the student’s assignment submission

6. Submitted date or Submission to View: shows the date and time the assignment was submitted. For multiple submissions, provides a dropdown menu containing the different submissions
    Submitted files - click to download the original file submitted

7. Assessment: Box to enter a grade of out the total number of points

8. Assignment Comments: add a comment and click the Submit button
    Attachment: attach a file containing comments
    Record: record an audio comment
    Download Submission Comments: Link to Download Submission comments

Grade Assignment with SpeedGrader - Video (2 mins 16 s)


Grading Quiz Essay Questions

It is possible to grade quiz essay questions using the Grading by Question functionality.


  1. Go to Grades.
  2. Click on a cell where the quiz essay question grading is required.
  3. Select the question that needs grading.
  4. After reviewing the student’s work, add the mark for the response and click on the Update Scores button.
  5. Add a comment if needed and click on the Submit button.
  6. Click on the arrow at the top right-hand corner to advance to the next student’s response to the same question and follow the same steps to enter a grade.

Grade Individual Quiz Essay Questions - Video (56 s)


Using Rubrics with the SpeedGrader

Below are instructions for using a rubric to grade student assignment submissions.

  1. To grade an assignment that has a rubric, go to Grades and click on the assignment cell for the submission to be graded. Click on the arrow that appears on the right and select SpeedGrader. Alternatively, go the Assignments area and select the assignment. Click on SpeedGrader.
  2. In SpeedGrader, click on the View Rubric button. Adjust the window to access the rubric more easily.
  3. After reviewing the student’s work, enter points and comments for each rubric criterion.
  4. After the points and comments have been entered, click on the Save button to ensure your rubric entries are saved.
  5. Add a Grade and Additional Comments as needed.
  6. Then click on the Submit button.
  7. You can click on the Download Submission Comments button to download a PDF of the Additional Comments in this case it would be “Excellent Work!” that is downloaded.
  8. Click on the arrow at the top, right-hand corner and follow the same process to grade the next student’s submission.

Grade an assignment with a rubric - Video (1 mins 38 s)

More information on how to use a Rubric to grade submissions in the SpeedGrader can be found at the link below.

More information on using the SpeedGrader can be found at the link below.