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Gradebook Overview

The Quercus Gradebook can help you collect and organize student grades and feedback, and share this information with students. Through the Gradebook, instructors and teaching assistants can:

  • Review and download the class list,
  • Add and edit student grades and feedback,
  • Share information with students about their performance in the course, and
  • Calculate final course grades.

Only Instructors (or "Teachers" in Canvas), TAs, Course Staff and Graders have access to the Gradebook. Students can access their individual grades and feedback through their Grades page and by accessing individual Assignments from the Assignments or Modules page (if applicable). Students will only ever see their own grades and will never see the grades of any other students through Quercus.

Gradebook and ACORN

Students should understand that the Grades area in Quercus gives them early access to preliminary grades, and does not represent their official final marks. By default, the total column is hidden from students in Quercus, and final grades must not be shared with students through the Gradebook. Final grades should only be posted through ACORN (formerly known as ROSI). For more information on University of Toronto policies and guidelines regarding the posting and distribution of grades, please visit:

How to Find the Gradebook

  1. Login to your course at q.utoronto.ca.
  2. In the Dashboard, click on your course card for your course.
  3. Click on Grades in your Course Navigation Menu.

How to enter Grades

  1. From the Gradebook page, find the Gradebook item/column.
  2. Click into the cell to enter the grade directly into the Gradebook, or
  3. Click into the cell, and then select the arrow icon to expand a pop-up window from the right-hand side of the page that allows you to enter or update a grade, change the Status (“None”, “Late”, “Missing”, “Excused”), post a comment and access the SpeedGrader.

Quercus Gradebook Reports

As an instructor, you have access to Quercus Course Data and Reports (e.g., the Access Report, Gradebook data, Quiz Logs).

For more information regarding academic integrity, please visit the UTM Academic Integrity Website.