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Below are links to tips, tools and strategies to support University of Toronto Mississauga students to learn from anywhere.

For additional support with your online learning, please submit a ticket to the UTM Information & Instructional Technology Services.

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Start Here

We care about your transition to the University of Toronto Mississauga online/remote environment and want to ensure you have the information and access to resources to support your learning. Some initial tips are below (adapted with permission from the U. of T. Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation):

1. Consider your study space. How might you optimize it?

  • Focus on what you need to benefit your learning process.
  • While in the online class environment, please ensure that your notifications are muted.

2. What changes has your Course Instructor made in transitioning to online/remote teaching?

  • Check in often with your course home page, discussion boards, announcements and inbox.
  • Investigate everything your Instructor has made available.
  • Ensure you’ve turned on your Quercus notifications.
  • Check if your Instructor is offering virtual office hours.

3. Explore and prepare to use the different interfaces being used in your courses (e.g. Quercus, Zoom, etc.).

4. Stay on track with both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (recorded) lectures

  • Try adhering to your previous schedule and include routine and mini-deadlines for times to complete coursework.
  • Use the video lecture control features that are available to suit your learning preferences (e.g., pause, repeat, forward/progress).
  • Utilize your existing time management and planning system. Consider using the Quercus calendar, including tasks and reminders.

5. You will benefit from interacting with people in your classes

  • Find out how to ask questions (e.g., raise your hand virtually, use the chat function, etc.).
  • Quercus Groups: If you have been placed into a group for your course, you can communicate with your peers from inside your Group space using Discussions, Announcements, and Pages. To learn more: Group Tool: Student View.
  • You might encourage your Instructor to open a discussion on Quercus or set up a session in Zoom that students can join.

Resources to further support you and your learning

Office of the Vice-Provost Students:

Student Life

  • UTM Student Services (e.g., Recreation, Athletics & Wellness, Centre for Student Engagement, Health & Counselling Centre)

Learning Support

Mental Health Resources

UTM Mental Health Supports:

Resilience at UTM:

Student Affairs and Services:

Feeling Distress?

Office of the Registrar

Study Spaces and Computer Labs

To view all study spaces on campus (and to see which empty classrooms are available for independent study), visit the Study Spaces website.

For computer lab details and frequently asked questions, please visit the Student Computer Lab FAQ page.


The UTM Student Test Practice Module is intended to serve two purposes: 1) help UTM students access campus resources that can help them prepare for online assignments / tests; 2) provide UTM students with an opportunity to practice online assignment submission / test-taking skills. It was developed together with a number of UTM campus partners to support students.

UTM Students can access this UTM resource using the link below.  Select the Enroll in Course button and following the instructions to self-enroll:



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