Quercus (Canvas) Help

Beginning Fall 2018, Canvas will be the university's new Learning Management Engine (LME), the interface for Quercus, our new teaching and learning environment.

The new LME will integrate various educational technology applications and functionalities, in addition to supporting many of the tools that faculty are using with Blackboard. Like Blackboard, Canvas is integrated with ACORN/ROSI (UofT's student information system).

What you need to do

Access to Blackboard will expire on August 31, 2018, and all Blackboard content will need to be archived and/or exported prior to August 31st.
We strongly recommend that you complete the following:

  • Export a Course in Blackboard
    Creates a zipped package that does not contain student data such as grades in the Grade Center, student file submissions or student course interactions in the Discussion Board or Blog tools. IMPORTANT: Click Select All to include all course files in the Export package.
  • Archive a Course in Blackboard
    Creates a zipped package with all course content, including student enrolment and students' course interactions.

    Note - do not open or change the name of the zip package(s) to avoid corrupting the files.

How to get started

Instructors can login to Quercus at q.utoronto.ca to access their courses, including their sandbox test course. More information can be found at how to login to Quercus.


Academic Toolbox Renewal
We encourage faculty to follow the migration process, including integration updates (Integration Updates), feature comparisons (Feature Comparison Chart for U of T Instructors and Course Staff ) and FAQs (U of T Toolbox Renewal FAQ) for instructors and students, by visting the university's Academic Toolbox Website Renewal website at: toolboxrenewal.utoronto.ca.  

Quercus Support Resources
There are various Quercus resources, including instructions for various Quercus integrations available in the Quercus Support Resources public course.  

We also encourage instructors to take the Lynda.com Learning Canvas 2017 course by following this link to the Lynda.com Learning Canvas 2017 Course (you will need to log in with your UTORid);

Canvas Community
The Canvas Community website is a hub for Canvas information; discussion; and improvement, including a Canvas Instructor Guide  and Canvas Student Guide.