Quercus (Canvas) Help

Canvas is the university's new Learning Management Engine (LME), and the interface for Quercus, our new teaching and learning environment.

The new LME will integrate various educational technology applications and functionalities, in addition to supporting many of the tools that faculty are using with their courses. Canvas is integrated with ACORN/ROSI (UofT's student information system).

Please use the links in the left side menu to navigate to instructions for basic course setup in Quercus, including assignment creation and more.

Logging into Quercus

Instructors can login to Quercus at q.utoronto.ca to access their courses, including their sandbox test course.

More information can be found at How to Log Into Quercus.

Note: All instructors have a Sandbox course that can be used for testing tools and features in the course and to help prepare a finished course.

Upcoming Quercus Training Sessions