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What Students See

The Students' Grades Page

Students can only see their own grades through the Grades tool, they will never be able to see another student's grades, and they cannot see the Gradebook. Any grade column that is associated with a published assessment will be visible to students in Grades.

How students view their Grades in Quercus

Students can view their marks by clicking on "Grades" from the course menu. As seen in the image below, students can access the following information on their Grades page:

1. Name: Name of the assignment in linked text that students can click on to view additional information.
2. Due: The date and time that the assignment is due.
3. Score: The mark that you, the instructor, has recorded for their work.
4. Out of: The total points that are possible for the assessment.
5. Comments icon: A link to the comments and feedback provided by you or the TA.
6. Turnitin originality report icon: A link to the Originality Report (if Turnitin was used for this assignment and if you have made it available to students).
7. Rubric icon: A link to the assignment rubric, if you have made it available.
8. Hidden icon: Indicates that you, or the TA, are working on grades.

Student Feedback


Hiding Gradebook columns

You can "hide" grades so that students cannot see the grade or feedback for an assessment.

What happens if grades are hidden?

If grades are hidden, students will see the title of the assessment, but they will not see their grade or assignment feedback. Instead, they will see an icon that displays an “Instructor is working on grades” message when they hover over the icon.

Note:  If the instructor has made the originality report visible then students will see their originality reports when the grades are posted.

Finally, students will see grade details under the Recent Feedback section if grades are posted. The Recent Feedback section is located on the right-hand side of their Dashboard and course Home pages, as pictured in the image below.

You can verify what students see on their Grades page by using the Student View feature, which is accessed from the Home and Settings pages (the link can be found on the right-hand side of these pages).