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General Policies

Library Code of Conduct

This general policy sets expectations, prohibits certain activities and behaviours, and explains the process when these rules are not followed.

Online Community Guidelines

Following these guidelines helps ensure a fun, informative, and safe space for everyone in our online spaces and services.


We take your privacy seriously, and have taken reasonable steps to ensure its protection during your use of Library spaces and services.


The use of Library technologies and devices is governed by University-wide policies and guidelines, as well as our own Library policies.

Space Policies

Share Our Library Space

People using the Library have been leaving personal belongings at computer workstations and at study tables and carrels to reserve the space as they come and go throughout the day, frequently for extended periods. Reserving workstations, tables, and carrels reduces available space in the Library significantly and results in frustration for students trying to find a place to study, particularly during our peak times when there are not enough computers and study spaces to meet demand.
The purpose of this policy is simple.  For the sake of everyone – share our library space.
Leaving personal belongings unattended or ‘reserving’ space in the Library by leaving personal belongings in any of the Library areas is not permitted. Personal belongings left in the Library may be moved by Library staff and placed on the floor next to the space or close by subject to the following requirements:

  • Study Table, Study Carrel, or Lounge Chair: period exceeding 45 minutes
  • Computer Workstation: period exceeding 20 minutes (after computer timeout)

The equipment and/or study space in question will then be available for people who will use the space.  


Personal belongings that have been moved will be accompanied by a Library warning flyer providing details issued by staff who have monitored the extended absence.

The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended for any reason or for problems that arise when belongings are moved.

For additional information see also the Library Public Computing Policy at and the Library Code of Conduct at

Study Rooms

The purpose of the Study Room Policy is to ensure the optimal use of study rooms in the U of T Mississauga Library. Library study rooms may be booked online by current University of Toronto students (UTORid is required).


Study Rooms are available for use by groups of up to four students.

In the spirit of sharing space, students may share their room booking with one or more smaller groups in order to meet occupancy requirements.  In instances where a Study Room is being occupied by less than four persons they may be requested by Library staff to share the space with other students or move to another study area of the Library.

When the person booking the room is more than 10 minutes late, the room may be taken by another group of students for the remaining portion of that session time.

Everyone using the study rooms must abide by the Library Code of Conduct and Library Policies. Eating is prohibited in study rooms. Be considerate of others. Failure to observe the study room booking policy or any other infractions of the Library Code of Conduct may result in the suspension of study room booking privileges.


Book a study room.

Students may book up to two sessions at a time with a limit of one booking per day. The maximum time allotted for each session is two hours. This is to ensure equitable booking access for everyone. 

Students are responsible for ensuring the Library is actually open at the time of your booking; please check Library hours before booking your study room.

Behaviour Policies

Food and Drink

Eating is not permitted in the U of T Mississauga Library. Food waste and spilled drinks damage Library materials, attract bugs and rodents, and promote undesirable mould, mildew, and bacteria that may have adverse health effects. Please respect this policy.

Messy, noisy, or odourous foods are not permitted in the U of T Mississauga Library. Messy, odourous food, even when packaged, can distract other patrons. Library staff may ask you to leave with these food items.

Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted at study carrels and tables, as well as in group study rooms. Drinks are not allowed at computer workstations on any level of the Library, except for bottled water.

Please help us to maintain a clean, healthy, and litter-free environment. To keep the Library clean:

  • Eat snacks and meals outside the Library
  • Use reusable cups, travel mugs, or bottles with caps
  • Exercise care when handling beverages anywhere in the Library – report spills and/or waste issues to Library staff immediately
  • Empty partially consumed beverages (in the washroom) before discarding the container
  • Dispose of trash in waste containers and use available recycling bins

Thank you for your cooperation.


The UTM Library is intended as a place for quiet study. Everyone using the Library is expected to be considerate of those who are studying. Quiet conversation is permitted in group study rooms and other areas of the Library designated for group collaborative activity. Quiet is expected in all other areas of the Library.

Violation of the Noise Policy

Adherence to the Noise Policy is a condition of entry to the Library. People who violate the Noise Policy by talking loudly with other students, talking loudly on cell phones, or in any other way making noise may be asked to leave the Library. Library staff monitor noise levels in the Library regularly and respond to noise complaints. If requested, students are required to present to Library staff and/or Campus Police valid University of Toronto identification in order to track repeat policy infractions. Repeat violations may incur escalating sanctions, starting with being asked to leave the library without warning, being banned from the Library for a period of time, and/or being charged by Campus Police under the Ontario Trespass to Property Act, RSO 1990, cT21.


The purpose of the Furniture Use Policy is to ensure the optimal use of Library study space. The moving of furniture, including chairs, study or end tables, carrels, or other furniture is not permitted. Study and lounge chairs are limited to one chair per person.

Anyone using Library facilities is required to abide by the U of T Mississauga Library Code of Conduct and Library Policies. Failure to observe the Furniture Use Policy or any other infractions of the U of T Mississauga Library Code of Conduct may result in the suspension of Library privileges. Non-university visitors may be banned from the University campus.

Tell Us Comments

The purpose of this policy is to communicate that the U of T Mississauga Library receives many constructive comments, complaints, and compliments from Library users related to policies, services, and collections and wholeheartedly appreciate receiving them. Comments help us to gauge how we are doing, to effect changes in policies, and improve services. The Library posts responses to comments on the Tell Us What You Think comment board within five business days.

The Library reserves the right to post or not post responses to comments. Comments that name specific individuals may have names removed before posting to protect individual privacy. Comments that use profanity, that are slanderous or abusive etc. to staff, faculty, students, or other community members, or that are deemed non-constructive will not be posted.

Directly modifying, adding to existing comments, or defacing comments posted to the comment board is not permitted and constitutes a violation of the Library Code of Conduct.

Serious concerns in regards to safety or services should be communicated directly to Library staff or Security for immediate action or referral to Library Administration and Campus Police.

Violation of the Tell Us Comment Policy

Library staff monitors the comment board regularly.  Persons who violate the Tell Us Comment Policy may incur sanctions as stipulated under the Library Code of Conduct.

External Signs

In an effort to promote the activities of University of Toronto associations and groups, the University of Toronto Mississauga Library provides an area designated for the advertisement of such activities. A bulletin board for this purpose is located within the Level 2 Copy & Print Centre on the east wall. This bulletin board may be used by groups or associations affiliated with the University of Toronto to promote on campus events of an academic nature. Library staff is responsible for posting and removing items from the bulletin boards.

Several restrictions govern the nature and content of acceptable postings. Announcements deemed acceptable for posting include academic functions such as campus group meetings, theatre performances, and speakers, but exclude social events such as pub nights. The Library will not post information or advertisements by non-University groups or agencies external to the University. Signs that are posted without the consent of Library staff or that are posted in an unauthorized location will be removed.

Procedure - Print Materials

Signs, posters, or flyers should be submitted at the Information & Loans Desk or directed to the Office of the Chief Librarian; a decision will be made by authorized staff whether it is acceptable for posting.
Acceptable new items will be posted as space permits.

Library staff will review the bulletin boards weekly and will remove and discard unauthorized and/or out-of-date material.

In the event that a poster is requested to be returned, the person submitting the poster must ensure appropriate instructions and contact information are provided, as well as a date by which the poster is to be returned.

Procedure - Digital Materials

Digital materials should be submitted to the Library Systems email   a decision will be made by authorized staff whether it is acceptable for posting.

Acceptable new items will be posted as playlist space permits; a minimum of 48 hours prior to the event is required by Library staff to insert the digital message into the playlist.

Library staff will review the digital signage playlists weekly and will remove and discard unauthorized and/or out-of-date material.

Digital materials will not be returned.

Digital materials must be submitted in the following format:

  • Image file – JPG 680 x 595
  • Text Message (no image) – less than 50 words
  • Text Message with small image (JPG, PNG 300x200) – less than 30 words