Assignment Groups & Weighted Grades

You can use Assignment Groups to group assignments into categories that can then be assigned a specific weight and automatically calculate a weighted grade. The grade displayed in this column will be calculated based on the raw score entered for each assignment in the Assignment Group. There is no need for you to apply a formula or manually calculate grades, the Assignment Group columns will do the work for you.

Create Assignment Groups

1. From the course navigation menu, click on Assignments.
2. Click the + Group button.
3. In the "Add Assignment Group" box, fill in the "Group Name" with the category (e.g., "Midterm") and "% of total grade" fields.
4. Click the Save button.

You can now move your assignments to their corresponding assignment groups by selecting and dragging them from the Assignments page.

Alternatively, when creating an assignment, you can assign it to an existing Assignment Group or create a new Assignment Group using the "Assignment Group" dropdown menu.

Assignment Groups & Weighted Grades - Video (53 s) 


Steps for students who have missed an assignment (changing the weight for specific students):

  1. Create an “Alternate Assignment” in the same assignment group as the assignment that was missed, and assign it only to the students whose assignment weights are being shifted;
  2. Add a “rule” to the above assignment group to “drop the lowest score” – this way all students will only see the assignments that they are supposed to on their Grades page;
  3. In the Gradebook, exempt the students from the assignment that they missed.
  4. Enter the students’ grades for the assignment whose weight will be increased;
  5. Enter the same above grades in the “Alternate Assignment” column (the grades for the assignment whose weight will be increased and the “Alternate Assignment” will combine to be worth the new weighted percentage). 


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