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Grade Columns

Any assignment, test, exam, or other graded work should have its own grade column in the Gradebook. Quercus will add a grade column automatically when you:

  • Distribute and collect assignments through the Assignment tool;
  • Enable grading in tools like the Discussion Board; or
  • Create a Quiz or Survey.

If you would like to add a grade column for other types of assignments (e.g., paper submission in class, participation), please follow the instructions as noted below.

Create a Grade Column

  1. Click on Assignments from the course navigation menu.
  2. Click the + Assignment button.
  3. Provide a name for the Assignment, e.g., Participation.  You can add additional information in the textbox below or attach a PDF with additional assignment details.
  4. Enter the total points for the assignment in the Points field.    
    Recommendation: Make assignments out of 100 points.
  5. Select the Assignment Group or create a [ New Group ] if the assignment will be weighted as part of an assignment group.
  6. Select Display Grade as Points (recommended).  NOTE:  If you use Letter Grades, additional steps are required.
  7. Select No Submission or On Paper from the Submission Type dropdown menu.
  8. Click the Save & Publish button, and your new column will appear at the end of your Gradebook.

NOTE:  If you publish this assignment, it will be visible to students. You can also hide grades from students.  When grades are hidden the student view for the Grades section will indicate "Instructor is working on grades".