Quercus (Canvas) Help

As of September 1st 2018, Quercus is the University of Toronto' s online learning environment. 
Quercus is where you’ll find the online portion of your courses, announcements and, in many cases, your grades on certain assignments (this varies from course to course).
The learning management engine (LME) that supports Quercus is called Canvas. Your Quercus courses are connected to ACORN (U. of T.’s student information system where you register for courses.)

This video provides an overview of the basic functions in Quercus:


Canvas Student Mobile Application

There is a Canvas Student mobile app available for download on iOS and Android.
Canvas Student mobile app allows students to conveniently access their courses to review course content, to receive and send course communications on a mobile device.

Note: To avoid any technical problems, we strongly recommend that students do not submit assignments or complete quizzes via the Canvas mobile app. This is because data and WIFI network drops or lags can cause problems and prevent successful completion of the submission. For quizzes and assignment submissions it is always best to use the full web version of Quercus (Canvas) on a computer that has a hard-wired (ethernet) internet connection.
Campus computer labs and the library offer many workstations that have a hard-wired internet connections and you are welcome to use these for submitting assignments or completing quizzes. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so plan ahead and don't wait until just before your deadline or due date.

Note: The Canvas Student mobile app is developed and supported by Instructure, not the University of Toronto.
More information on the Canvas Student mobile apps can be found by following the links below.

Student Quercus Guide
The Student Quercus Guide contains information that will help you get started with using Quercus (Canvas), including links to Canvas Community website resources such as the Canvas Student Guide

Submitting Assignments
How to submit a written assignment in a Quercus course.

Taking a Test/Quiz
Tips for taking an online test or quiz in Canvas.

Viewing Grades and Feedback
How to view your grades and any Instructor-provided feedback in a Quercus course.