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Submitting Assignments

You may be required to submit a written assignment via a Quercus course. 

Your instructor can request that you type your written assignment directly into a text input box on the assignment page or ask that you attach and upload a file (such as a Word .doc or similar).

Below is a video containing instructions for submitting an assignment in Quercus.


For detailed instructions on how to submit an assignment in Quercus, follow the link below to the Canvas Community Student Guide
Submit a Quercus assignment

If you have been asked to submit a Turnitin assignment using Quercus, follow the instructions at the web page below.
Submit a Quercus Turnitin assignment

Below is a video containing instructions for submitting a Turnitin assignment in Quercus.



For both types of assignment, you should see confirmation that your submission has been received, as pictured below.

Assignment submission confirmation

More information can be viewed on the Viewing Grades and Feedback page.

If you encounter a technical problem while uploading your assignment, please send the following information to your instructor and to the UTM Library at or consult with staff on the main floor of the UTM Library:

As well, the Canvas Student mobile app should not be used for any high-risk activities such as submitting assignments or quizzes—important tasks and assessments should be completed on a desktop or laptop computer instead.

If you experience a technical problem while submitting an assignment from a computer on campus, please also provide:

  • Location of the computer (e.g., Library electronic classroom, Library information commons)
  • Number on the computer (e.g., LIBPC-12) which is located on the monitor of the computer being used

Additional Resources

Student Quercus Support Resources