Discussions Overview

Instructors can create regular, graded, and group discussions that students can use in their Quercus courses. Instructions for students for using Discussions can be found at the link below.


Creating a Discussion

Below are instructions for creating a discussion:

1. Select Discussions from the Course Menu.
2. Select the + Discussion button.
Add Discussion
3. Fill out the name of the discussion in the Topic Title field and any instructions in the Rich Content Editor box.
4. Verify the other discussion Options. This is where you can make the discussion Graded, or next to Group Discussion, you can check the This is a Group Discussion box, and choose the corresponding Group Set from the dropdown menu.
5. Select the Save button to continue editing at a later time or the Save & Publish button to make the discussion visible to students.

Discussion Options  

The students will now be able to access this discussion by selecting Discussions from their course menu. Below is a video on how to add a Discussion to your Quercus course.

Add Discussion Board - Video (35 s)