Accommodations in Quercus

NEW CONTENT as of April 6, 2020 - Accessibility and Accommodations in Quercus Video (13 minutes, 45 seconds)

When you set up an assignment or create a quiz, you can add specific accommodations for a student. 

NOTE:  Always ADD additional students' accessibility accommodations, do not delete students who have already completed an assessment as their assessment information will be removed.

For a Quercus Assignment:  One Step

  • Set window of availability for a Quercus Assignment (#3 below)

For a Quercus Quiz:  Two Steps

  • Add time to a Quercus quiz (#2 below)
  • Set window of availability for a Quercus quiz (#3 below)

Notes regarding adding time or an additional attempt to a Quiz:

Note 1: You can add extra attempts or set additional times after your Quercus quiz is published and before students begin taking the quiz.  You can also add extra attempts or set additional time during a quiz.  It is not possible to remove or continue an attempt once it has been opened by the student, it is only possible to allow a student additional attempts or to manually make adjustments after the quiz is completed.

Note 2: The Until date for a Quercus quiz will override #1 and #2.  So it is recommended that you use options #1 and #2 in combination with #3 so that students' quiz responses are not automatically submitted when the Until date and time are reached.

Note 3:  Please ensure that all questions have been tested and finalized before the quiz is released to students.  Automatic regrading is only possible for certain types of questions (multiple choice, multiple answer, and true/false questions) in specific situations.


1.  Managing extra attempts for a quiz:

2.  Managing extra time for a timed quiz:

Changing a Due Date for a Quiz or Assignment

3.  Accommodations – Changing Due Date for a Quiz or Assignment for an individual student

Follow the steps below to create an accommodation (e.g., extra time) for a student who will be taking a quiz or submitting an assignment. Normally, accommodation requests are made through UTM Accessibility Services.

3.1.  Go to Assignments and click on the + Assignment button, or if it's a quiz, click on the + Quiz button (for a pre-exisiting assignment or quiz, click the Edit button and proceed to Step 3 and select the +Add button in the Assign dialogue box).

3.2.  Add the Assignment or Quiz Name and details regarding the assignment or quiz in the textbox and add the remaining items including the point value of the assignment or add quiz questions, etc.

3.3.  In the Assign dialogue box you will set the Due date, and Available from and Until information as stated in the syllabus.

Please note: This information will include the due dates for everyone in the class.  Please leave do not remove or change this information.

Note:  Until = the date and time when students can no longer take the quiz or submit an assignment.

3.4. Click on the + Add button.

Assign area screenshot indicating that the assignment has been assigned to everyone in the class.

3.5.  The Assign to box will change to Everyone Else.  In the dialogue box that opens below the assignment information for Everyone Else, set the Due date, and Available from and Until dates for the student with the accommodation, as specified by UTM Accessibility Services

Assign to box

3.6.  Click on the Save button.

The assignment has now been updated to allow for the accommodation for the specific student.

Accessibility and Accommodations in Quercus Video

Thank you to our colleague Anna Limanni, U. of T. CTSI for the video Accessibility and Accommodations in Quercus (13 minutes, 45 seconds). NOTE: The video provides an overview of the quiz options from an accessibility perspective, and the steps to implement accommodations using the built-in Moderate and Assign to features in Quercus Quizzes.