eLearning Tools

There are many eLearning tools that UTM instructors use to support student learning and to better support their teaching. 

Below is a link to the U. of T. EdTech Catalogue, which provides an overview of different technology tools in use at U. of T.

Information and links regarding technologies that are integrated with Quercus are provided at the Quercus Integrations link below.  If you are considering using a tool beyond Quercus that has not been approved by U. of T., then please visit the Tools Beyond Quercus link below.

Quercus Integrations

Button - Tools Beyond Quercus

Integrated tools:
These are tools that are part of the University of Toronto Academic Toolbox and in many cases are integrated with Quercus.

Tools Beyond Quercus:
Information if you are considering using a technology that is not included in the U. of T. Academic Toolbox and there is no contract between the university and the tool provider.

Additional information to consider when exploring tools for potential use is provided in the University of Toronto Provostial Guidelines on the Use of Digital Learning Materials (2020-2021)