Integrated Tools

Integrated Tools:

There are a variety of Tools that have been integrated with Quercus and are part of the University of Toronto Academic Toolbox.  These integrated tools can be used to support student activities and assessments.

Below are links to the U. of T. EdTech Catalogue and a listing of tools that are integrated with Quercus.

These tools

  • extend the basic functionality of Quercus;
  • can be used to support instructor determined learning outcomes and goals;
  • have gone through the Academic Toolbox process;
  • have been integrated following the establishment of an agreement between the vendor of the integrated tool and the University of Toronto; and,
  • unless indicated otherwise, are universally available across the University of Toronto.

Some current integrated tools include:

  • Bb Collaborate Ultra - Webinar / Webconferencing tool that can be used to meet online with students (250 - 500 participants synchronously) and includes audio, video, whiteboard, application sharing, polling, and other functionalities.  Bb Collaborate Ultra is directly integrated with Quercus and can be activated and accessed from within Quercus.
  • Crowdmark - a platform that can be used to support collaborative online grading and analytics
  • iClicker - a classroom response system that can be used to support in-class activities
  • Labster - interactive virtual reality lab activities
  • Library Resources - LibGuides that have been developed to support student research and other activities.  For more information please contact your UTM Departmental Liaison Librarian
  • Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive - use, create, share and collaborate with O365 OneDrive files in Quercus, accessible through Course Navigation, Modules, Rich Content Editor, Assignments, Collaborations areas of your Quercus course shell
  • Microsoft Teams Video - can be created from the Rich Content Editor to support meetings of up to 250 participants
  • peerScholar - a student peer review tool developed at UTSC
  • PeppeR - a web-based collaboration space
  • Publisher Tools, including
  • Quizzical - an online tool where students can author multiple choice questions and contribute to practice quizzes
  • TeamUp! - a web-based group assessment tool that can be used to support team work, peer learning, and active learning activities
  • Turnitin - a tool that can be used to identify textual similarities
  • UT Advanced Group Tool - create groups using baseline rosters, create sections from groups, and batch enroll students into groups
  • UT Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)Grade Upload Tool (Scantron) - upload grades from scantron, Remark Office, or other types of files
  • WeBWorK - an open-source homework system for mathematics and the sciences

There is a list of current projects relating to tools that are being integrated with Quercus.

Faculty, students, staff and others are welcome to review ideas that have already been submitted and to Submit Ideas regarding potential tools that could be considered for the University of Toronto Academic Toolbox.

Interested in using U. of T. Quercus Integrated Tools?  Contact University of Toronto Mississauga Library & Instructional Technologies via

Telephone: (905) 601-8859
Instructional Support on the UTM Service Portal –