iClickers (classroom response system)

iClickers are a type of classroom response system used by instructors to gather and share immediate feedback with students in the classroom.  The handheld device that students use is purchased from the UTM Bookstore. It looks a bit like a remote control, and it allows students to respond instantly to polls or various questions in a class.

How do instructors use them in the classroom?

Typically, with the use of using an iClicker base unit, an instructor asks students a question (usually displayed on screen) and students will respond using a handheld device. Anonymous student responses are then displayed in a graph or a table on screen. Based on the responses, the instructor may choose to follow-up with an activity to help students better understand an issue, or provide additional resources. If your instructor has decided to use iClickers in the class, they will usually note this in the course syllabus.

Your instructor may ask you to register your iClicker using the iClicker Student Registration in Quercus (Canvas)

Please read the instructions that your instructor provides.

How to change the frequency of your iClicker to match the instructor base station frequency (if needed)

If the instructor changes the frequency of the base unit (you should be notified of the new frequency at the beginning of class), you can follow these instructions to update you iClicker frequency so that it will match that of the base unit.

  • Press and hold the ON/OFF button until the powerlight flashes.
  • Enter the 2-key frequency code provided by your instructor (in this case it would be ‘BB’ if you have changed your frequency to ‘BB’ on the base unit.