Borrow from Other Libraries

Borrowing from other libraries not currently available

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Intercampus Delivery and Interlibrary Loan services are not currently available. However, the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service provides access to digital copies of millions of print books held at the University of Toronto Libraries, allowing access to many of the materials held at other libraries at the University.

Please check back for updates at COVID-19: Service and Operations Updates at UTM Library.

Borrow from Other U of T Libraries (ICD)

The Intercampus Delivery (ICD) service allows eligible U of T Mississauga students, faculty and staff to request books, articles and other material that are not owned, signed-out, on short-term loan, or missing from the U of T Mississauga Library, from other U of T Libraries. First, search for your book title or article request in the U of T libraries catalogue. If it is not available at the U of T Mississauga Library, the ICD service will search and try to locate the material at other U of T libraries.

Borrow from Other Institutions (ILL)

The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service makes available research materials not owned by U of T libraries. If you have searched the U of T catalogue and cannot find the item you need, you may request it from another university library via RACER. RACER is available to all U of T faculty, staff and students who hold a valid TCard. There is one exception: if a book is on short term loan in the UTM Library, a request will NOT be made to locate it outside of the U of T Libraries, as it is considered available.


RACER stands for Rapid Access to Collections by Electronic Requesting, and is an automated interlibrary loan service for Ontario universities managed by Scholars Portal. RACER lets eligible Ontario university students, staff and faculty request copies of articles or loans of books and other materials that are not held in their own university libraries. RACER also allows many Ontario University Library catalogues to be searched at once and so much more!


Scan & Deliver

The Gerstein, Robarts, and UTM Libraries have launched a Scan & Deliver pilot. U of T faculty, staff, and graduate students may request articles from print journals at these libraries to be scanned and delivered to their desktops via email.