Request Audiovisual Materials

  • Requests may be made by U of T Mississauga faculty, staff, and graduate students for classroom purposes only.
  • Check UTL catalogue first to verify that UofT Mississauga Library does NOT own the material you are requesting.  If UTM Library does own the item, follow regular borrowing procedures.
  • Please be aware that Classroom Technology is still responsible for the booking of all equipment needed for the classroom viewing of audiovisual materials, including materials requested through the library.  Please follow the instructions located on the web page listed below.

  • Allow at least 5 working days for UTL items, or 10 working days for items not held by UofT Libraries.
  • Graduate students need authorization from their supervisor to request items.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Resource Sharing Department at (905) 828-3881 for assistance.
Patron Information
Item Information
Graduate Students
If you are a graduate student, the booking will be made in your supervisor's name.