Add a MyMedia Recording to a Quercus Discussion Post

Below is a short video that contains information on how to add a MyMedia recording to a discussion post.


Step-by-step Instructions


1. Go to

MyMedia home


2. Log in with your UTORID and password.



3. Click on the Share Media icon.

Share Media


4. Copy the Permanent Play Link by clicking on the Copy button.

Copy link


5. Log into Quercus and go to the discussion board where you would like to add the link.  Click Reply.

Click Reply


6. Enter text or description of the video to the rich text content editor.  Select/highlight the text using the cursor.

Add text


7. Click on the link icon, and select External Link.

Add external link


8. Place the copied link from MyMedia into the Link box.  Then click Done.

Paste link


9. You may also add the MyMedia Embed Code so that your recording plays directly in the discussion post.  To do so, copy the Embed Code from MyMedia.

Copy embed code


10. Go to rich text editor in the discussion post and click on the Raw HTML symbol.

Switch to Rich Text Editor


11. Paste the Embed Code in the rich text editor box, and click Post Reply.

Paste embed code


12. The MyMedia recording can now be played by clicking on the external link, or the embedded video within the discussion post.

Discussion post display