Modules with Requirements and Prerequisites

You can control how students access content by creating modules with requirements and prerequisites. This can be done for example by setting

  • the first module to have a “Requirement” to complete a second module or
  • the second module to have a “Prerequisite” to complete the first module.

Requirements can be used to ask students to

  • View specific items
  • Mark an item as done
  • Post a reply in a Discussion Board or contribute to a Page
  • Submit an assignment, a graded discussion post, or complete a quiz Note:  Submissions must be made by students, the instructor cannot manually submit a grade for students.
  • Meet a minimum score (for any graded item)

More information on Requirements is provided at the link below:


Prerequisites can be used to require students to complete modules in a particular order.  For example, it is possible to lock a module until a student completes a different module. However, unless completion requirements are set for prior modules, students will still be able to access upcoming modules.

When specifying a prerequisite module

1. Go to Modules in your course menu
2. Find the module, click on the three dots and select Edit
3. Click the Add Prerequisite link
4. In the Prerequisites drop-down menu, select the module that must be completed Note: More than one prerequisite can be added
5. Click on the Update Module button. When changing prerequisites that have been already fulfilled by students, a box will appear asking if these students can proceed (if so, click the Continue button) or if the modules should be re-locked, requiring students to complete the prerequisites again (click the Re-Lock Modules button).

Note: The prerequisite(s) that are set will be indicated in the module header.

More information on Prerequisites is provided at the link below: