How to Import a Crowdmark Course

Before you begin, please note:

UTM Crowdmark requests for Fall 2022 semester needed to be entered into the UTM Office of the Registrar Course Information Syllabus System (CISS) before the first class of the Fall 2022 semester. Please enter one entry per course section (as there may be different instructors teaching various sections).

UTM Instructors who require assistance with Crowdmark are asked to

NOTE:  This process is for University of Toronto Mississauga instructors.  All other instructors are asked to consult with their divisional support for assistance with Crowdmark - 


Below are instructions for importing a Crowdmark course.

1. Click on the Courses link found on the left-hand side of the Crowdmark dashboard.

2. Click on the Import a course button.

3. In the "Import a course" section, select the Course to import dropdown menu (this displays a list of all your current courses in Quercus) and select the course you would like to import.
    Next, click on the Import course button, as shown inthe image below.

Import a course


4. On this page you have the following options:

     1. Create an Assessment
     2. Enroll students from Quercus
     3. Delete the course

Enroll students


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