Printing, scanning and photocopying

Changes to printing services during COVID-19

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the following changes will be made to the printers in the Library:

  • Only two black-and-white printers and one colour printer will be available.
  • The cash loading machine will not be available.
  • Access to print release stations must be booked in advance.

In order to enter the Library, users must have booked a timeslot to use a computer workstation, study space, or print release station. Reserve your spot in the Library now!

Please check back for updates at COVID-19: Service and Operations Updates at UTM Library.





The library has 4 high-volume black and white printers and 1 colour printer. 

A valid TCard is required to release print jobs or a guest card can be purchased at the Information and Loans desk for $5.

To obtain or replace your TCard (necessary to get your UTORid, as well as serving as your library card) you will need to visit the TCard Office. Visit the TCard information page for details.

You may add money to your printing account online using Visa or MasterCard or through the Cash-to-Card machines located in the Copy & Print Centre of the library.


Black and white printing costs 10 cents per page for single-sided printing and 8 cents per side for double-sided printing. 

Jobs printed to 'Library Black and White Printer' can be picked up at any of the printers in the Copy & Print Centre, or at any of the printers on campus.

Colour jobs must be released at the colour print station in the Copy & Print Centre.  Colour printing costs 40 cents for an 8.5" x 11" page.

Clicking "Properties" in the print dialogue allows access to advanced output options, such as duplexing, multiple pages per sheet, selection, and page size (8.4" x 11", and 8.5" x 14")

Wireless Printing - UTM MobilePrint

Other Printing Locations

For other printing locations on campus, please see the Printing page on the Computing Services web site.


Scanning is available near the AV listening stations on level 2 (the north-east corner, near the study rooms ).

Available Scanners

Epson Flatbed Scanner

  • Scan small or large photos/docs
  • Export image as jpg, tif, pdf, and many other formats

Instructions for scanner use are posted at the respective scanner workstations.


TCard operated photocopiers are available to library patrons in the Copy & Print Centre on level 2 of the library.  Visitors can purchase a guest card for $5.00 from the Information & Loans desk.

Each copy costs $0.12.