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There is no need to return your books at this time. All loans will be extended, and no late fees will be charged.
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Add a Video

First ensure that the video content is your own or complies with copyright legislation, respects intellectual property rights, and does not contravene University of Toronto policies.

To add a video to your page,

  1. Find the embed code for the video. Services like YouTubeVimeo and U of T's MyMedia server all provide embed code for videos;
  2. Locate and copy the embed code; 
  3. On your website, navigate to the page where you want to put the video;
  4. Click on the Edit tab;
  5. In the Body text field, place your cursor where you want the video to go;
  6. Click the Embed Media button at the far right of the Body text field menu;
  7. Paste the embed code into the Embed Media Dialog box;
  8. Click the OK button;
  9. Click the Save button.