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  • Canada's Digital CollectionsGeography Collection. Links to digital projects with text and visual information.
  • Canadian Communities' AtlasHuman Geography information includes demographics, First Nations, culture and ethnic origins, language and education, and social indicators.
  • Cultural LandscapesConsists of large scale maps from the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress, showing "the cultural modification of a physical landscape as settlers established their farmsteads and villages, constructed the connecting transportation systems, and named their surroundings."
  • Canadian Social Research LinksMaintained by Gilles Seguin, retired federal civil servant. Site empasizes "governmental policy materials, focusing upon topical social issues such as disability, homelessness and hunger, and human rights."
  • Historical Atlas of Canada Online Learning ProjectThis project attempts to make the maps in the 3 volumes of the Historical Atlas of Canada available on the Internet. At present the project is ongoing and only 15% of the content is available.
  • Population Reference Bureau"Comprehensive directory of population-related websites available — by organization, by region and country, or by topic within countries."

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