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We have the NEW DSM 5 available online! Just click on the American Psychiatric Publishing link and switch from DSM IV to DSM 5 by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.    The APA's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is a classification of mental disorders with associated criteria designed to facilitate more reliable diagnoses of these disorders.How to cite the DSM 5 using APA?  Take a look at this helpful tutorial from the APA Blog.

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Finding Articles in Psychology:

There are two ways of accessing PsycINFO: through ProQuest (more intuitive) and Ovid.Get started using PsycINFO: This guide will halp you with thesaurus searching and building complex searches.For citation searching, use Web of Science and Scopus.Don't forget to check Ulrich's if you need to verify whether a journal is scholarly and peer-reviewed ("refereed" in Ulrich's).

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Writing in Psychology:

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Course-specific resources:

  • PSY100 Lab Design help guide for the Lab Report assignment
  • PSY213 Adult Development and Aging - Assignment 2 guide
  • PSY210 Introduction to Developmental Psychology - Finding empirical articles
  • PSY280 Perception
  • PSY290 Introduction to Physiological Psychology
  • PSY309 Experimental Design and Theory: PSY309 Resources with videos.
  • Quick guide to finding author H-index in WoS. Impact Metrics UofT LibGuide Link.
  • PSY311 Social Development
  • PSY318 Developmental Neuropsychology
  • PSY341 Abnormal Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence Disorders
  • PSY345: detailed guide to finding non-scholarly narratives for Exceptionality: Disability and Giftedness
  • PSY353 Developmental Social Neuroscience
  • PSY372 Human Memory
  • PSY393 Human Neuropsychology
  • PSY410 Special Topics in Developmental Psychology
  • PSY420 Special Topics in Social Psychology
  • PSY440 Special Topics in Abnormal Psychology
Citation Tools: 

APA Style Resources from the APA

APA Style Tutorials from Other Scholarly Providers

Legal Citation

  • Best practices in legal citation: Cite all references other than laws and cases using the Chicago or, if you are required in your course assignment, the APA style, and cite all legal materials using the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation
  • Online guide to citing Canadian legal materials using the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation style (courtesy of the UBC Library).
  • If you only have (a few) U.S. legal references, you may wish to search the APA Blog for keyword "legal" and follow the detailed examples.

Digital Object Identifier Utilities

  • DOI Resolver to find article using DOI (will ask you to authenticate as a UofT user)
  • Getting a DOI when you have the citation from

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