Celebration of Books

Celebrated Books, 2020

Business & Professional Ethics, 9th edition by L.J. Len Brooks (Institute for Management and Innovation)

  • Cengage Learning, 2020

Multilateral Wellbeing Comparison in a Many Dimensional World: Ordering and Ranking Collections of Groups by Gordon Anderson (Economics, retired)

  • Palgrave-Macmillan, 2019

Morality at the Margins: Youth, Language and Islam in Coastal Kenya by Sarah Hillewaert (Anthropology)

Fordham U Press, 2019

Canadian Cities in Transition: Understanding Contemporary Urbanism, 6th edition by Tara Vinodrai, ed. (Geography)

Oxford, 2020

Shakespeare's Things: Shakespearean Theatre and the Non-Human World by Lawrence Switzky, ed. (English)

Routledge, 2019

Syndicate Women: Gender and Networks in Chicago Organized Crime by Chris Smith (Sociology)

Univ. Of California Press, 2019

Canadian Environment in Political Context, 2nd edition by Andrea Olive (Political Science)

UofT Press, 2019

Conbinatoires ludiques: litterature, contrainte et mathematique by Caroline Lebrec (Language Studies)

Peter Lang, 2020

Killer Apps: War, Media, Machine by Jeremy Packer and Joshua Reeves (ICCIT)

Duke Univ. Press, 2020

Behavioral and Neural Genetics of Zebrafish by Robert Gerlai, ed. (Biology)

Academic Press, 2020

Indigenous Empowerment through Co-management by Graham White (Political Science, retired)

UBC Press, 2020

Magritte: Perspectives nouvelles, nouveaux regards by Pierre Michelucci (Language Studies)

Nota Bene, 2018

Constructing Industrial Pasts (ed. Berger) (chapter) by Tong Lam (Historical Studies)

Berghahn, 2020

Afterlives of Chinese Communism: Political Concepts from Mao to Xi (chapter) by Tong Lam (Historical Studies)

Australian National University Press, 2019

Work! by Elspeth Brown (Historical Studies)

Duke University Press, 2019

Identities and Interests: Race, Ethnicity, and Affinity Voting by Randy Besco (Political Science)

UBC Press, 2020

Bioarchaeology of Marginalized People by Madeleine Mant (Anthropology)

Elsevier, 2019

Bodies of Information: reading the Variable Body from Roman Britain to Hip Hop by Madeleine Mant (Anthropology)

Elsevier, 2020