Portal FAQs for Students

Portal (Blackboard): Frequently Asked Questions for Students

I can't log into the Portal. My password doesn't work!

There are no unique Portal passwords.
Use your UTORid and password to log in.

  1. On the UTORid Management page, click the "Verify your UTORid" link at the bottom of the page, under the "Problems with your UTORid?" heading
  2. Enter your UTORid and password, click the "Check your UTORid" button
  3. If you entered the correct UTORid and password you should see: 
    "Your UTORid and password have been checked and should work"

It may take 10 minutes before the new password is registered in the system and can be used.

I can't see my courses in Portal!

  1. Check that you are registered in ACORN (formerly known as ROSI). You need to appear as registered in ACORN before your courses will appear in the Portal.
  2. Your courses will not be visible until your professor makes them available.
    Check if your Professor made the course available in the Portal:
    Log into the Portal > Click on the "Browse Course Catalogue" 

If the course does not appear in the Portal, then your professor has not made the course available for the class yet. Another option is to contact your professor directly to inquire about the course.

I don't see my courses in the Portal but they were there yesterday. My courses disappeared overnight!

Most likely cause: the fees deadline has passed and you forgot to pay your tuition fees. To check:

  1. Log into ACORN
  2. If your courses don't appear then you may have missed the fees deadline 
  3. Contact the registrar's office
  4. Once the fees are paid, you will need to wait 24-48 hours (not including weekend days) before the courses (and grades) reappear.

How do I sign up for my Tutorials, Labs or Workshops in a Portal course?

  1. Log into the Portal
  2. Go to "Tools" menu in the Course Menu
  3. Scroll down the list, locate and click on "UT Group Self-Sign up"
  4. Then follow the steps to sign up

The course menu and the readings disappeared. My course is broken!

The course menu may be hidden from view, it's easy to bring it back:

  1. Hover your mouse over the left side of the Portal window, an arrow should appear
  2. Click the arrow button and it will bring back your course menu.

I was in the middle of taking an online test, but the page froze. Now I can't finish my test!

  1. First check the instructions for taking the test posted by your professor (the test may only be available during a specific time period)
  2. Then try restarting your web browser and log back into the Portal
  3. Try another web browser
  4. If you cannot get back in, take an appropriate screen snapshot (which includes a timestamp) so that you have some documentation of the technical difficulty you encountered which you can send to your instructor or TA if necessary

Prevent problems while taking online tests by following the tips on this checklist.

I am not receiving emails from my Professor or TA through Portal. How can I fix this?

  1. Check that your emails are directed to the correct email in ACORN (formerly known as ROSI)
  2. Click on the "Login to ACORN" button and log in with UTORid and password
  3. Go to "Profile and Settings"
  4. Next to Display and Update click on "Email Address" (click on the pencil icon)
  5. Type in your email address, confirm it by typing it in again.
  6. Click the "Save" button.

It may take 24-48 hours for the new email address that you entered in ACORN to be updated in the Portal.

I get an error message when trying to create an account in Turnitin. How can I resolve this?

If you are creating an account in Turnitin for the first time and you get an error message which reads:
"The email address you entered is being used by another Turnitin user. Please enter a different email address." 

This is a unique issue. You need to contact portal.help@utoronto.ca

If you have an assignment due, take an appropriate screen snapshot (which includes a timestamp) so that you have some documentation of the technical difficulty you encountered which you can send to your instructor or TA if necessary.

My first name is not appearing correctly in the Portal. How do I change it? NOTE: My official name has remained the same.

If you are a student who is not employed by the University of Toronto, please go to the Office of the Registrar and request that they change your preferred first name in ACORN/ROSI. It will take 24 - 48 hours for the change to be made. Then go to https://my.auth.utoronto.ca and follow steps 1 to 3 below.

If you are a student who is employed by the University of Toronto, you can change your display name in the portal by going to https://my.auth.utoronto.ca and follow steps 1 to 3 below.

    1.    Log in using your UTORid and password
    2.    In the "Preferred Name" field, type in your name
    3.    Click "set"

I changed my official name and it is not appearing correctly in the Portal. How do I fix this?

You will need to change your official name with the Office of the Registrar. You will need to bring a government photo ID with the proper name on it.

Still having problems? Send us a message: