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Item Photo Body Quantity Loan Periodsort descending
Tokaido box art

Collect items, visit sites, and talk to people you meet as you travel the picturesque Tokaido road.

1 72 hours
Hanabi box art

Work as a team to create a fireworks display by laying down cards in the correct order.

1 72 hours
Takenoko box art

Manage land plots and grow bamboo to feed a hungry panda.

1 72 hours
Pandemic box art

Work as a team to battle diseases raging around the world.

1 72 hours
Catan box art

Develop the island of Catan by collecting resources and building settlements.

1 72 hours
Ticket to Ride box art

Collect train cars and build railway routes across North America.

1 72 hours
Puerto Rico box art

Gain points as a colonial governor by developing local resources or by shipping goods to Europe.

1 72 hours
Game of Thrones box art

Seize the Iron Throne using a combination of warfare and diplomacy.

1 72 hours
Power Grid box art

Build up your power grid then bid against other players to buy and upgrade power plants.

1 72 hours
Agricola box art

Build a prosperous household by developing farmland and raising a family.

1 72 hours
Lords of Waterdeep box art

Gain points by completing quests, setting up buildings, and playing intrigue cards.

1 72 hours
King of Tokyo box art

Win the game by either destroying Tokyo or defeating the opposing monsters.

1 72 hours